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Międzynarodowa Konferencja ECSWE

W dniach 26 - 28 stycznia 2018 odbywa się w Polsce, w Krakowie, Międzynarodowa Konferencja ECSWE.

Konferencja odbywa się pod patronatem Związku Szkół i Przedszkoli Waldorfskich w Polsce.

The European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education (ECSWE) consists of 26 national Steiner Waldorf schools associations representing 712 schools and 159.230 pupils in 28 European countries. The organisation is funded by contributions of our members that are calculated based on pupils numbers in the member countries.


Education enabling all children to holistically unfold their unique potential throughout their lifelong personal and professional development.


Supporting genuine Steiner Waldorf education and promoting human-centred and independent education in Europe


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